Publitzer CMS

  • We develop and maintain the most successful news portals in the region
  • Continuous success in performance and engagement
  • Award-winning design and brand awareness

Key compontents for success


User experience

Personalization Reader satisfaction Loyal audience


Value for money Cost optimisation Maximized business potential

Content creation

High usability Fully responsive Editorial features Speed & flexibility Innovative technologies Modularity

10 standards that emerged

from a long journey to develop the best possible web CMS for publishers


Incredible custom modules built around editorial core features

High usability

The shortest possible time to publish new content


We started out as an internal development for our largest national publisher, so all the know-how we have gathered over the years is an essential part of our future partnership

Data science publishing

We can help you recognize and place content to help you grow

Trust us with your data, and we’ll make sure to get you the best solutions possible!

Value for money

Product able to ensure that your publishing business does not depend on technology, but quality content and user engagement

Editorial features

A stunning combination of tailored workflows and features to improve user engagement

Innovative layout editing

Play with layouts until you find one that will best fit your needs and market trends

System stability

Your business runs smooth and with no interruptions

System scalability

Whatever your business’ size, Publitzer performs up to your expectations and industry standards

Multisite solution

Publitzer covers all your needs across multiple platforms and websites


UX Design

Not only beautiful, but also powerful and user friendly design is what we aim for and we never miss the mark!

Mobile development

Bringing your brilliant new content to new screens can be a challenge, but not in the hands of our many specialists, who create a unique mobile experience.

Web Development

From captivating design, over a sturdy backend to the best user experience, we aim to give you the whole package every time.

Project management and supervision

With years of excellence in managing and supervising projects, our Project Management Team is here to guide you every step of the way!

TES (Traffic ECO system)

A set of tools and advanced widgets that directly and indirectly boost your traffic, TES is a part of the Publitzer experience we’d love for you to discover and admire!


We provide you with around the clock care with our dedicated Enterprise Support Officers and direct phone support, following up on any issue so you can be efficient and productive.

Consulting and training

By helping you boost your business, update your site structure, boost visual design and upgrade funcionalities, we hope to help you achieve your goals (and more!).

Hosting and maintenance

We provide premium IT connections, system architecture planned for high loads, load balancers and redundancy systems, highest standards security and many more that will allow you to minimize risks for your business.

Digital performance unit

DPU is the place to be for all online tracking and online marketing activities. Specialists in multiple areas such as web analytics, SEO, SEM and other come together to make the best possible experience for users.

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